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Sagging double chin, expected liposuction effect with InMode Lifting.

The elastic and firm skin of the face line is a dream for everyone. Of course, it will be possible in adolescence of in early 20s, but as you get older and your skin sags, it becomes harder and harder. Over the years, our skin is sagging by gravity due to the lack of elasticity, the pores also become wide and long vertically, and the smooth jawline becomes bumpy and the face looks bigger and chubby.

When aging comes, you must use anti-aging cosmetics and take care of your face separately. Among them, InMode lifting can be expected to reduce jowl line fat, pores and improve skin elasticity. InMode lifting is a state-of the art lifting laser machine that holds both fat removal and skin elasticity in a total of 2 modes : MINI fx mode and Forma mode.

The first mode is ‘Mini FX’, which instantly transmits energy from 45-47 degrees of heat to the fat layer, intensively destroying excessively accumulated fat cells. In particular, helps remove fat from double chin and droopy jowl line, and draws momentum from deep to SMAS layer. The double chin can only selectively destroy fat that is unnecessary enough to expect the effects of liposuction. In the case of liposuction, the lines may sometimes be uneven or dull, but in-mode lifting removes only unnecessary parts, completing smooth jaw contour line without bumpiness.

The second mode ‘Forma FX’, raises the skin surface to about 43 degrees, promoting elastin and collagen regeneration from a deep 5mm layer of dermis. This improves the contour of the double chin and face, and makes the skin tone and texture brighter and smoother.

The InMode lifting gives excellent tightness to thin and sensitive skin. You can expect a weak and sagging skin to before firm and smooth skin. The treatment can be maintained for up to 2 years with 3 treatments a year, and the synergy effect of procedure is even higher if it is received with other procedures or care.

“A lifting laser can produce satisfactory results by targeting more intensively on the most concerning part of one’s face. InMode lifting removes only unnecessary fat in 2 modes and boost skin elastic and lifting. You can expect a smooth facial line and skin.” said Back Sang hoon, doctor of DA Plastic Surgery Clinic.